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W e are a consortium of crypto oriented high profile consultants and advisors. Our primary business is the development of market trading algorithms for Hedge Funds, Family offices and High Net Worth Individual investors. Derivative from our main activity and due to our active involvement in blockchain technology back in early 2010…This goal will be accomplished through our attorneys’ diligence and dedicated work within the confines of the law and through a cooperative working

relationship between our law firm attorney and client. Our qualified attorneys in Vancouver resolve most legal disputes through negotiation, mediation, or compromise. Legal matters that are not settled in this manner will be litigated either before a judge, commissioner, a jury, or an arbitrator.

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Real Experience. No-Nonsense, Aggressive Representation. If you or a loved one is in trouble and you need to protect your legal rights, you want to hire an experienced lawyer who will represent you strongly and get you the best possible result. You need no-nonsense, aggressive representation.


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“When I needed a good advice, I took a chance and came to this firm. And this was one of the best decisions in my life. Absolutely happy about how everything ended.”

Mikel P.

“It was a very satisfying experience for me and my company to work with this S1X advisors. Thank you so much for your professional help and assistance in the matter.”

Phil D.

“I want to thank S1X for arranging the OTC sale of my crypto assets in Dubai. Simple process and best return on my early crypto currency investment.”

Anna D.

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